Among the different branches of Ayurveda Shalya tantra has its own place. This branch of Ayurveda deals with those disordes which require surgical intervention. The great treatise ‘Sushrutha Samhitha’ which was written by Acharya Sushrutha is a complete text book of medical science. This great book indicates that surgery was being widely practicised in our country in ancient days. Sushrutha Samhitha is still being followed in Shalya tantra curriculum which is packed with principles of surgical practise.

This Department is having separate well equipped Operation Theatres for Major surgery and Minor Surgery and works smoothly under the dedicated hands of eminent doctors who are specialised in that subject.

The Department OPD functions with adequate clinical facilities and earmarked 15 beds in male, female and special wards.

Types of procedures done in Major Operation Theatre and Minor Operation Theatre are as follows:

General Surgery

  • Nail bed excision
  • Excision / cautery of warts, corns etc.
  • Excision of lipoma, sebaceous cysts etc.
  • Agnikarma for pain management eg; low back ain, joint pains etc.
  • Kshara Sutra / Kshara Karma Therapy for Fistula-in-ano and other ano rectal disorders.
  • Jaluka therapy (leech therapy) for mukha dooshika (pimples), ulcers, skin disorders, cellulitis, abscesses etc.
  • Vene puncture (sira vyadha), Prachanna (blood letting through minor incisions) for different ailments.

The Special Ano-Rectal clinic of the Department is providing highly successful treatment with minimal recurrence rate for fistula-in-ano using “Kshara-sutra’ (Medicated thread) method and Kshara application in bleeding piles.

The department is carrying out different seminars, case presentations, special lectures etc. for the benefit of students.