The branch of biology that deals with the study of structures of human being is referred to as Human Anatomy.

The curriculum encompasses a wide range of topics such as Gross Anatomy, Osteology (study of bones), Histology (study of tissues), Embryology and Applied Anatomy which gives essential knowledge about the human body and makes them eligible for pursuing their clinical studies from second year. In fact Human Anatomy forms the basic foundation upon which entire medical science is erected upon.

The PNPS Ayurveda Medical College is equipped with a spacious and well ventilated dissection hall which has an attached embalming room, well arranged museum and cadaver room. Department also harbours an array of charts,. Models and books that aid the students to amass knowledge on all Ayurveda aspects. Capital of any educational Institute is teachers. Department of Rachana Shareera has two qualified and dedicated teachers, who are post graduates in the subjects and aid students in their quest for knowledge.