Kaumarabhritya the Ayurvedic limb of holistic Child Health Care aims at bringing up a physically emotionally and morally well adult from the babyhood itself so that he/she can contribute the finest to family profession and humanity. Accomplish this objective all the measures are engaged from the womb life, during labour andalso from the near born age. The branch compat with avoidance and management of various ailments of children which challenge this throughout the phase of growth and development.

The PNPSAMC wing of Kaumarabhritya is full fledged with all the facilities and a great team of eminent educators cum physicians. On clinical surface we provide attention to wide ranging health enhancement of children with handling of different respiratory, skin behavioural and neuromuscular disorders on the scholastic ground we could consistent fabricate excellent university result and skilled young doctors.

The department regularly run free medical checkups health surveys and awareness lessons in the nearby schools and local area as a part of improving community health.