Shalakya tantra is the special branch among the eight branch of Ayurveda, and it encompasses the treatment for the diseases affecting the body parts located that are above the neck. This branch of the science deals with the causes, diagnosis and curative procedures of diseases pertaining to the head, ear, nose, eye lips and throat.

A number of methods are formulated for the treatment of the organs of the body according to the shalakya tantra. In Sanskrit, the word shalaka means a rod or a probe. Therefore, by shalakya tantra, it is meant that the treatment would be done using rods or probes in order of apply medication to the affected parts of the body.

The department is leaded by eminent doctors who has experience and specialised in (MS) in shalakyatantra.

Clinical facilities viz; diagnosis and treatment of disorders related with Shalakya such as Cataract, refractive errors, senile vision impirement, itching of eye, allergiv eye diseases, infections of eyes like conjuctivits, blipheritis, epicleritis, scleritis, keratitis, glaucoma, stye, chalasion, strabismus and treatment to ENT disease like rhinitis, nasal poluyp, sinusitis, head aches, throat infections, pharymngitis, laryngitis etc. are carried out in the Department.

Spectacles are prescribed to patients suffering with Refraction problems according to the condition of the patients. Occular Eye excercises – specially Yoga & eye sight improving methods are advised to patients.

Kriya Kalpa - Ayurvedic topical administration of drugs such as Tarpana, Putapaka, Anjana, Vidalaja, Seka, Ashchotana, and Pindi etc. are practiced in this Department.

Teaching facilities such as live demonstration on patients, Audio Visual cassettes, Demonstration Charts, X-ray etc. are available in the Department.

The Department also conduct medical camps from time to time in different locations.