The Core supremacy of Ayurveda is preventive measures and maintaining good health whihch is integrated in subject Swasthavritta. The scope of Swasthavritta department includes the activities like community health, surveys, health camps, health promotion and prevention of the diseases through periodical purificatory therapy, lifestyle management and use of rasayana, personal and public health, Ayurveda dietetics, Yoga, Naturopathy & Environmental education.

The department is leaded by eminent doctors who has experience and MD in Swasthavritta.

Consultations in balanced diet & nutrition (according to individual), diet advice (satwik food) to the health individual and patient in OPD and IPDs, Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals, prevention of communicable diseases like Dengue fever, Chicken Guinea, H1N1, Malaria, Pneumonia, tuberculosis etc. through ayurvedic regimenslike shodana (purification thrrapies), rasayana (rejuvenating), dhoopana karma etc, lifestyle management of diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity etc. are attended by the experienced doctors.