Panchakarma represents a unique branch of Ayurveda with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body. This include vamanam (emesis therapy), virechanam (purgation therapy), Asthapana and Anuvasana basti (enema therapy) Nasya (Errhine therapy) and Raktamokshana (Blood letting therapy). It acts as promotive, preventive and curative procedures and allow the biological system to return to homeostasis. Panchakarma rejuvenate the body rapidly and facilitates the desired pharmaco-therapeutic effects of medicines administered thereafter.

The department is leaded by eminent doctors who has experience and specialised in Panchakarma.

Clinical Facilities such as diagnosis and treatment of majority of diseases through Panchakarma procedures are available.

Department also facilitates other upakalpaniya treatments like Abhyanga (Massage), Swedana (sudation therapy), Pizhichil,, Thalapothichil, Udwarthana, Kativasti, Upanaha sweda, Agnikarma, various kizhi like Patra pinda sweda ( Ela kizhi), Shashtika shali pinda sweda (njavara kizhi), Choorna pinda sweda (podi kizhi), dharas like taila Dhara, Takra Dhara and keraleeya panchakarma chikitsa.

Teaching facilities include live demonstration on patients, Audio Visual classes and Demonstration Charts etc.

In the OPD of the Hospital, problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, Frozen shoulder, Hemiplegia Osteo arthritis, Lumbar spondylosis, Bronchial asthma, Psoriasis, facial palsy, Gastritis, sinusitis etc. are treated.

We also conduct medical camps on behalf of Department from time to time.