Separate Hostel facilities are set up for men & women with all amenities under the close supervision of Warden and Asst. Warden ensuring the presence atleast 2 faculty members as residents of the hostel.

Hostel Rules & Guidelines

  1. All the inmates must return to the hostel by 6.30 pm. Students are not allowed to leave the hostel after 6.30pm
  2. Late return will be allowed only with the permission of the Deputy warden
  3. The inmates should make necessary entries in movement register when they go out of the campus.
  4. No student shall absent himself/herself from the hostel for any night without obtaining prior written permission of Deputy Warden. If a student finds it necessary to leave the hostel on urgent affairs, parents should contact Deputy Warden over phone and get permission to relieve the students out of hostel. If the student wants to leave for places other than home and guardians house, parents should contact Deputy Warden. After obtaining permission the student should write the details in the Home Register. After return, the time should be noted in the register. Any default is liable to be fined. If the student wants to absent himself / herself from classes and wanted to go home, they will have to get written permission from Principal.
  5. Visitors are allowed only up to the Visitors parlour. The inmates are not allowed to entertain the visitors including day scholars in their rooms without permission.
  6. The inmates are allowed to entertain their family members to a maximum period of 30 minutes and friends /classmates up to the 10 minutes only. Treating the visitors with tea, snacks etc in the parlour should be avoided.
  7. The visitors are not allowed in the hostel after 6 pm. Private vehicle will not be allowed to enter the hostel compound except for official and hostel purpose.
  8. When any visitor comes, only the concerned inmates are allowed to go and meet them.
  9. The guests of the inmates are not allowed to stay in the hostel. The guests who visit to the hostel to meet their wards shall make thereon arrangements for their stay.
  10. The doors and windows when kept open should be secured with the blocks or stay locks. If any breakage is reported the concerned room inmates will have to pay penalty.
  11. The inmates are allowed to enjoy the television, stereo, Iron box and radio only up to 9.30 pm
  12. If any inmates fall sick, the matter should be brought to the notice of the Deputy Warden. If the illness reported are not genuine it should be reported to the warden (Principal)
  13. The inmates are not allowed to indulge in active politics with in the hostel premises.
  14. Shouting, singing loudly and creating disturbances to other students are strictly prohibited in the hostel.
  15. The inmates should keep their rooms neat and tidy and keep their personal belongings locked.
  16. There is a reading room in the hostel. The intimates are requested not to take the dailies, weeklies and magazines to their rooms. Strict silence should be maintained in the reading room.
  17. Ragging of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  18. Inmates are not allowed to enter into other rooms after 9.00 pm
  19. All inmates are requested to be co-operative and friendly among themselves and to the hostel staff.
  20. No students are allowed to take glasses, plates etc to their room without obtaining permission from the Deputy warden.
  21. Inmates will not be permitted to change their allotted room without the permission of the Principal
  22. Inmates are responsible for all hostel properties
  23. Causing damage to hostel properties will be seriously dealt with and punitive action will be taken against
  24. Inmates are not supposed to use electric cookers, high volume speakers etc. In the hostel
  25. In case of hostel shifting, the inmate will have to clear all dues
  26. Inmates with contagious disease will not be permitted to stay in the hostel
  27. No outside person/previous student of the college will be permitted to enter into the hostel without permission of the hostel authorities
  28. All the lights and fan will have to be switched off before leaving the room
  29. Usage of alcohol/narcotics etc. is strictly prohibited
  30. Inmates are not supposed to organise any meeting / function without prior permission of the college authorities
  31. Shifting of furniture from one room to another is not permitted
  32. Hoisting flags or fixing posters/other decorative items of political parties in the hostel is not permitted
  33. Storage of weapons/steel rods/metal pieces etc. In the hostel is not permitted
  34. College / Hostel authorities are authorised to inspect any room / area of the hostel at any time.
  35. The right to discharge the students from the Hostel by whatsoever be the reason, rest with the Principal & Management.
  36. Inmates are permitted to use their mobile phones only during the following hours:
    Morning : 6.00 AM to 08.00 AM
    Evening: 06.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Conveyance Facilities

Conveyance facilities to and from College and Hospital to Kanhangad Town is provided.